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Guaranteed 6 Shades Whiter Without the High-End Cost

No luxury clinic costs, no ongoing treatments, no dangerous chemicals, or further damage to your enamel – our teeth whitening kit is affordable, safe, and wonderfully effective.

Our kit is 100% enamel-safe and doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. The whitening process happens through unique LED technology – activating the molecules in the gel during your at-home treatment. Once the timer goes off (usually less than 30 minutes), remove the guard, spit out, and brush – before you catch a glimpse in the mirror of your brighter, new smile.

Discover Your New Smile

Whitening shouldn’t cost a fortune, nor should it mean cheap kits. Bringing safe whitening teeth, all at the comfort of your own home, Smile Bright RX is dedicated to spreading gorgeous smiles to ladies and gents everywhere.

Our kit is affordable, easy to use, and gives no pain or strain – but most of all, it’s astoundingly effective. Using unique LED technology and a simple teeth guard with whitening gel, our kit brings guaranteed, fast results without the hassle and costs. There’s no need to hide your smile anymore or stress about teeth stains – see the pearly white difference in just under 5 days!

Pearly Whites Are Just A Click Away

There’s no need for prescriptions, no need for extra gels – everything you need is provided in our at-home teeth whitening kit. Unpack the teeth guard, apply to it our extra-strong, whitening gel, then simply fit it to your teeth and let it get the job done! Let us help you boost your confidence and over all self-esteem.

About Smile Bright RX

With 20 years of experience in the dental field, the people behind Smile Bright RX are professionals at their core. Seeing how expensive teeth treatments cost at clinics, and the dangers and hassle of basic whitening kits, the team decided to create a kit that brings the best of both worlds. Their products are affordable, safe, and non-invasive – all while delivering the results of a high-end treatment. When people have beautiful teeth, they can’t help but feel gorgeous. That’s the mission at Smile Bright RX: to spread brighter smiles everywhere

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