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Teeth Whitening At Your Salon

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How SmileBright Teeth Whitening Can Serve Your Salon:

  • Treatments can be done while other services are provided
  • Customers can easily relax while treatment is performed
  • Results come after 2-3 treatments and in as little as one week
  • Dental office quality whitening technology, with a better reputation for safety than some previous salon whitening products
  • Not only is it an extra revenue stream with low overhead costs, but it gives customers a reason to keep coming back

Get SmileBrightRX For Your Salon

As cosmetic technology advances and products like SmileBrightRX make treatments more brief, salons are adding more and more services to their business. One great opportunity for a new revenue stream comes from SmileBrightRX, SmileBright is a speedy teeth whitening solution where customers can see results in as little as a week.

Teeth Whitening At Your Salon


Dental Office Quality Whitening At Your Salon

When it comes to whitening your teeth at a salon, many people may be new to the idea or be wary of getting teeth whitening done at a salon rather than a dentist’s office, but you can put their mind at ease and open up a new revenue stream with SmileBrightRX. Our products use LED lighting and teeth whitening agents to whiten customers teeth without harming the enamel, just like a dentist’s office.

The Convenience of Smile Bright RX Teeth Whitening For Salons

With SmileBrightRx, you have a product that is unmatched in convenience for both salon providers and customers. By making teeth whitening technology small and compact, SmileBrightRX provides the ability to do practically anything else while also whitening your teeth.

For salons, this means providing an additional service to their customers while they get their hair, nails, or toes done. You can simply apply the whitening agent to the teeth tray, turn on the LED light, and give it to the client to wear during their other treatment. It’s a great service to add to packages or to establish repeating customers. Not only that, but once you buy your whitening kits, you’re virtually free of overhead costs aside from your future orders to resupply on whitening gel.

For customers, they can be provided with teeth whitening services that cost far less than other options and that they don’t have to take any extra time out of their schedule for. It’s an extra treat for someone enjoying a package deal or who may be preparing for a big event. Plus, they don’t have the added stress and cost of ordering their own equipment, dealing with ordering whitening gel, or keeping up with their own treatment schedule. You can keep them on track or they can just get it around the time of their regular appointments.

Get SmileBrightRX For Your Salon

SmileBrightRX can be an asset to any salon and an area where you see some of your biggest profit margins. Services can be provided at a much higher price than it cost you, while also saving certain customers a lot of money, because they don’t have to buy the equipment themselves. Order teeth whitening kits for your salon from SmileBrightRX today.